Sanida Insurance Agency

Sanida was established in 1995.

Since then, builds long term relationships and work very
close to customers.

The team

The service is done only by professionals, led by the director Idálisson Leite Rodrigues.
Idálisson has been operating in the insurance business for 50 years and ensures that the way which his team takes care of customers has to do with the origin of Sanida: all started as a family and as a family continues.
We know that there is no better way to
grow if only listening to all of those who are connected with us. We are always changing to be an increasingly better insurance agency for the public.
"Whatever happens, we are always next to our client pursuing better results. "
Idálisson Leite - Director


Being sustainable is not only about taking care of environment. We believe that it also means to be transparent. To care about lasting relationships. To encourage the development of people and our country, always with respect.


What motivates us is knowing that, above all, we take care of people. We care relationships. We promote dialogue. We help our clients to use their money and not being used by it.


discover Sanida

Find out why we are the insurance agency choosen by many important companies and clients in Brazil. Contact us through our numbers.
27 3324.1345 - Tel
27 3345.9600 - Fax

St. Padre Antônio Ribeiro Pinto, #195, room: 904.
Guizzardi Center Building. Praia do Suá, Vitória - ES.
Brazil. Postal Code: 29052-290.
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