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What's Welfare Pension Plan?

The age comes to everyone. When it happens, people may want to rest and to enjoy other activities. Besides, some additional costs such as medicines and doctors fees covenants become more frequent. It is therefore important to consider how to ensure a good income in retirement.

For this, we have the Welfare Private Pensions: a type of financial application whose main objective is gaantee a monthly income in the period in you want to stop working. Therefore assures your financial well-being that can not be supplied by the public sector.


Of course you will not recive only the capital deposited during the entire period. Like any other application, the idea is to make money grow. You may follow profitability by statements and required disclosure in newspapers daily.


Welfare plans receive favorable tax treatment. Brazilian government encourages this type of investment through Income Tax discount and a more lenient aliquot. With these advantages, the participant will have a smaller amount of taxes due in his declaration.


The participant is free to transfer resources from one entity to another.

Regardless of the contributions paid, he may request the porting of his resources to another pension plan that represents a better deal.

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