Sanida Insurance Agency


New talents, new attitudes.

We are forming a team of technically well prepared and motivated people to take on challenges. Selecting, preparing and valuing professionals that aim at cooperation, transparency and attitude. Assume that they reconize their mistakes and correct it immediately. Working with the enthusiasm of those who see the profession as an opportunity for personal growth.



Side by side, we grow more.

Each partner company we have, helps us to deliver peace, health and safety in our society. We reward with benefits such partnerships, because we consider it very positive. If your company can help us meet new customers and provide them the best experience in Insurance, it means that we can be partners. You do not need experience in the insurance business.



Let's work together.

Want to make our society a safer, healthier, and earn from it? Request a partnership. We are always looking for contacts to help us meeting new customers and providding them the best experience in Insurance. We offer complete solutions in security for the entire brazilian market. It is desirable that you have a basic understanding of insurance.


St. Padre Antônio Ribeiro Pinto, #195, room: 904.
Guizzardi Center Building. Praia do Suá, Vitória - ES.
Brazil. Postal Code: 29052-290.
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